TBS rolls out in UAE and Qatar

We have successfully delivered our first solution for Interserve International into the Middle East. The rollout of the TaskMaster solution has so far been in the UAE and Qatar, both new markets for TBS. 

It allows over 125 Interserve technicians to perform planned and reactive maintenance for their Alshaya contract. Alshaya franchise nearly 90 of the world’s best known retail brands, including Debenhams, Boots and Starbucks, and have 700 stores in UAE and 300 stores in Qatar. 

TBS has integrated with the FSI Concept Evolution CAFM solution to deliver the full mobile solution for Interserve International. The solution allows for the following:

  • Interserve staff training on TaskMaster
    Interserve staff training on TaskMaster

    Jobs generated in Concept Evolution and assigned to technicians which are then are received onto the technicians TaskMaster application, with status updates and data collected being fed into Concept Evolution as the job is progressed.

  • The technician can go through their tasks, add parts used on the job, add assets and record further work required.
  • The customer can view a summary of the work completed and add their comments and service rating before signing off the work.
  • Planners can view their technicians real time locations using the Management Console web applications.

iLINKS Innovations

At the annual iLINKS Innovations Conference, Samsung and TBS delivered an informative presentation on Smart Healthcare; exploring the challenges faced by the NHS and identifying how enabling technologies can be used to provide transformational change.

The session opened by detailing the challenges in the healthcare sector, with an emphasis on doing more with less and continually looking for ways of improving services provided by hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, care homes, domiciliary care, ambulance services and tele care services etc. This can be achieved by enhancing the patients’ experience and empowering the healthcare workforce. In the majority of cases, everything that can be done has been done and so it is a major challenge, and as a result any transformational change can only be achieved with the introduction of digital enabling technologies.

The session highlighted that over the last couple of years the implementation of technology in many sectors have:

  • Enabled new business models
  • Developed intuitive and disruptive new ways of working
  • Empowered the workforce and improved the workplace

The session went on to highlight the potential impact the following key digital enabling technologies could have in healthcare.


Allows healthcare providers to store and process enormous volumes of data which can be analysed to:

  • Improve performance
  • Provide valuable insight
  • Improve the overall patient experience
  • Derive new ways of working as part of a business’s continuous improvement programme
  • Removes interoperability barriers


Clinicians and frontline staff can be empowered by Cloud connected Tablets, Smartphones and Wearable devices to capture, and access, real-time data in care settings. Information from these devices can be used to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Deliver a consistent, compliant, levels of care
  • Improve the effectiveness of care
  • Enhance productivity


Allows data to be captured from assets, which can be analysed using data analytics and processed by a rules engine to automatically trigger and allocate tasks to:

  • Save time
  • Introduce new ways of working
  • Provide new levels of insight not thought possible
  • Provide real-time, crucial, information to key stakeholders to increase awareness surrounding the operations of the care setting and the patient

Conversation as a Service (AI)

This has the potential to transform the way we request help and services. Since this technology is now very capable, we will see a range of voice and messaging based business applications being developed over the short to medium term. From requesting assistance to making an appointment, conversation based services will provide user-friendly service that will:

  • Save time and money – with no requirement for user training
  • Improve operational efficiencies – with no human interaction required
  • Improve patient experience

With insight into these enabling technologies, and an understanding on how they are being used in healthcare, the audience were encouraged to participate in an ideation session; to uncover unique ways as to how these technologies could be used. The audience delivered some inspirational ideas, including:

  • The introduction of a nationwide mobile NHS App that would provide healthcare professionals (HCP) with vital access to information on the person’s health, by use of NFC technology; to ensure the appropriate care is administered. The first HCP would simply tap their device on the patient’s mobile phone to receive key information on the patient.
  • The implementation of wireless sensors on asthma inhalers to monitor the patients’ usage patterns and vital signs to optimise doctor visits and detect anomalies to improve care.
  • Using wireless sensors to provide the remote administration and monitoring of chemotherapy treatment for those cancer patients who live in remote locations with no local facilities. This would allow self-administration of the drugs with the control and monitoring being undertaken remotely by clinicians who can monitor the process and patient’s vital signs.
  • The enhancement of a way finding system in hospitals, which would use internal Wi-Fi Network and locations based algorithms to locate their exact position, via the visitors or patients’ Smartphones; to provide a visual system like satellite navigation to guide them to their target location in the hospital. The system could be extended further to include alerts when the patient leaves home so the hospital knows they are on their way.
  • The introduction of an auto-translation voice service, using AI services, such as Chatbot and Voice Recognition. This would remove any language barriers faced by non-English speakers, by automatically translating in real time, allowing the patient to describe their symptoms in their own language and be translated accordingly for the health care professional.
  • The wireless connection of sensors and artificial intelligence within the homes of those suffering from mental health issues to promote independent living, whilst alerting care providers of out of routine events, such as are they not getting out of bed, when they leave their home, when they return, voice activated reminders to take medication and wearables to monitor their emotional wellbeing.

With the success of the session, Samsung and TBS will be running exclusive Healthcare Innovation Workshops with Industry Providers; enabling these organisations to identify areas of their business that could benefit from deployment of technology.

If you would like to discover more on how enabling technologies could transform your healthcare services, or would like more information on running an Innovation Workshop with the potential of a Proof of Concept, please email rebecca.evans@tbsmobility.com

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Futurescape: Today into Tomorrow

TBS are pleased to have supported Samsung at their latest Futurescape event, Today into Tomorrow. Held in London, Futurescape provided industry leaders with a glimpse into their future.

TBS exhibited across multiple experiential zones, demonstrating how businesses could adopt enabling digital technologies to transform their businesses.

TBS showcased a range of technologies, within the Wasted Time into Working Time Zone, including Mobile, Wearable, IoT, Voice Recognition and Chat Bots. Unsurprisingly, it was Chat Bots that got everyone chatting at the event; with industry leaders looking at ways they could harness Artificial Intelligence, both internally and in customer-facing situations.

The TBS Chat Bot demonstrated how Chat Bots could be combined with user friendly Mobile Messaging Apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp or just simple text messaging. These intuitive AI services can be employed to automate customer self-service; from raising a job ticket where the Chat Bot guides the user through the process with natural language responses to complex interactions such as booking meeting rooms. Easy to set up and deploy, with a simple text or voice interface, Chat Bots can be used to:

o Save businesses time and money – with no requirement for user training

o Improve operational efficiencies – with no human interaction required

o Increase sales and improve customer experience

Additionally, TBS exhibited in the Healthcare Zone, demonstrating how healthcare agencies could adopt enabling digital technologies to transform independent living. By deploying wirelessly connected sensors throughout the homes of the elderly, and connecting sensors to physical assets, such as kettles and keys, TBS demonstrated how stakeholders can be empowered to monitor and observe the elderly within their home, remotely and in real time. Using the data that is fed back from a range of sensors, including movement, temperature and presence, a profile can be created of the elderly person which is based upon their day-to-day routine. Rules can then be defined, which are built around these daily activities, and notifications sent out to the stakeholder’s mobile device once the elderly person has carried out set activities. Additional rules can be established, should the elderly person not perform the defined activity, so that a notification can be sent to the stakeholder’s mobile device, alerting them to a change in routine, and hence, highlighting a potential problem.

Encouragingly for all, smart technology is helping facilitate the challenges innate to an ageing population by:

o Enabling the elderly and vulnerable to live independently for longer

o Guaranteeing peace of mind for primary stakeholders; if there is a problem, an alert is raised

o Providing stakeholders with relevant information to make informed decisions

o Reducing the pressure faced by healthcare providers by keeping the elderly in their homes.

Throughout Futurescape, it was clear that the ‘new normal’ is anything but normal, as it allows businesses to challenge the status quo. TBS have consistently challenged businesses to put their imagination to the test. Running Digital Transformation Workshops with key industry figures, TBS have helped businesses understand the true potential of technology and discover new opportunities.

If you would like to find out more information on our Innovation Workshops, or are keen to discover how Chat Bot services could transform your business, or would like more information on how IoT can transform your services, please email rebecca.evans@tbsmobility.com

Transform the Workplace

TBS are pleased to have supported industry partner Vodafone at their recent thought leadership event, Transform the Workplace. Hosted at The Brewery in London, the event brought together industry experts who examined the role technology plays in achieving workplace transformation; delivering invaluable insight into the ways businesses could harness technology within their workplace to improve efficiencies.

Steve Reynolds MD of TBS discussed how Wearables, IoT (the Internet of Things) and Voice Recognition Technology (Conversation as a Service) could be used in the workplace to:

o Increase productivity and efficiency of the workforce
o Engage and empower employees
o Generate a competitive edge
o Retain and attract new talent
o Enhance operational efficiencies.

Following on from recent research in The Stoddart Review, which highlighted the importance of the workplace on workforce productivity, it was fitting to have leading FM provider Mitie speak about their innovation journey with TBS. Providing delegates with a vision into their future workplace, Mitie explained by deploying IoT within their clients’ workplaces has automated what have been traditional people centric processes, thus introducing new ways of working and workplace transformation; ultimately improving operational efficiencies and empowering their workforce.

Keynotes were delivered by Vodafone and Samsung, with a clear message supported throughout the day that Mobile, Cloud and IoT are the keystones to a digital transformation strategy, and these will differentiate you from your competitors.

Considering the above, TBS will be hosting Innovation Workshops with businesses keen to understand and identify areas of their business that could benefit from the deployment of IoT, Wearable and Voice Recognition Technology.

If you would like to find out more information on our Innovation Workshops, please email rebecca.evans@tbsmobility.com

To view TBS’s commentary on the Stoddart Review and to learn more on the role of IoT technology in the workplace, please click here, or to see TBS in action at the Transform the Workplace Event, please click here.

Mobilise Your Workforce

Mobilise Your Workforce events, hosted by TBS, provide an unrivalled opportunity to spearhead a competitive edge by empowering businesses to harness the latest mobile technology.

Bringing together leading experts from the world of mobile and across industry, Mobilise Your Workforce events are synonymous with best practice insider knowledge and innovative real-world use cases.

Mobile technology has transformed our lives and has begun percolating into the corporate space, enabling businesses to optimise their people and processes to drive new levels of efficiency.

After more than ten years of TBS hosting enterprise mobility focused events, Mobilise Your Workforce provides the perfect platform to explore how mobile technology can be best adopted in your business, how to implement a future-proof mobile strategy and how to stay ahead of the curve.

From rolling out smartphones and tablets to fieldworkers, to harnessing enterprise mobile apps, integrating mobile data in a business analytics programme, or implementing a new mobile workforce management system, these events will explore the challenges and opportunities posed, ultimately aiming to underpin the success of your mobile journey.

Mobilise Your Workforce has honed in on the perfect formula to ensure your attendance is time well spent – giving you invaluable intelligence which will help drive your mobile strategy forward. To find out more about forthcoming Mobilise Your Workforce events, click here. To see reports on our previous successful events, click here.