TBS provide mobile solutions to GPS track and monitor the progress, collection and delivery of goods safely and efficiently.

We monitor, scan, use photo and video capture and mandate workflow to ensure compliance, at the same time managing the activities of the workforce. Date/time/location stamping each activity is key to a comprehensive mobile logistics solution.

Whether it is automotive collection, appraisal and delivery through to the complex world of cash movement / audit, TaskMaster is relied upon by a workforce of thousands in the Automotive, Cash Collecting/Security and Haulage businesses in EMEA and North America.

The collection and delivery of any goods generate a huge paper trail that can be inaccurate and inconsistent. Each form needs to be handled and processed numerous times, prolonging the reporting and invoicing workflow. Ensuring compliance and upholding industry standards is complex and time-consuming.

TaskMaster is successfully utilised within fleet management, automotive and logistics to effectively plan, coordinate and manage the activities of the workforce, planning and co-ordinating all fleet and management activities, all done using mobile devices and IoT technology.

Workers record the collection or delivery of goods using scanning technology, photograph and video, ensuring compliance and accuracy through a series of pre-determined actions.

All information is sent to TaskMaster, which automatically produces a management report. All activity is GPS-tracked, helping to monitor progress and workforce management. The process is quicker, safer and more efficient, both in cost and time.