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Solutions that enable organisations to increase operational efficiencies, improve workforce capacity, assure compliance and deliver a leading service to their customers.

TaskMaster, our digital workforce platform, incorporates mobile, scheduling and IoT technologies to build tailored and scalable solutions for business of all sizes.

Experts in digital workforce management, TBS provide a uniques connected solution that brings together all elements of service delivery, enabling them to better meet the needs of their customer.

Providing Hard and Soft services with TaskMaster Innovation

TaskMaster delivering complex logistics around the globe

TaskMaster a key element of their operational excellence model



TaskMaster’s modules cater for all solution stakeholders. These include apps for the mobile workforce; job planning, scheduling and dashboards for the management; comprehensive reports and notifications for the customer and administrative toolsets for the IT team.

TaskMaster is an Enterprise Mobility Platform, configured to create sector and line of business specific mobile workforce management solutions. These are hosted in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre within a fully resilient hybrid cloud environment (or self hosted) with a 24 hour / 365 ITIL support service.

Key Capabilities

TaskMaster is a multi-faceted Enterprise Mobility Platform and the foundation on which to build business solutions across multiple sectors, delivering visibility, flexibility and compliance to the process stakeholders.


Equip your workforce with everything they need to get the job done from one single app.  With access to key information and workflows available on any mobile device, users have instant visibility to their job calendar, customer information and the ability to update their progress status. With access to information at the point of service, your workforce can complete his or her working responsibilities, collaborate with colleagues and stay in contact all via one mobile device from any location, at any time.


Empower your planners and supervisors with a manual or dynamic scheduling and route optimisation toolset to facilitate real-time planning of appointments and optimisation of routes. This allows for the efficient and effective utilisation of the workforce with full visibility of progress.


Implement Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to identify events and aggregate and analyse this data feed into the rules engine and the report module to drive tasks, alerts and notifications. All the main IoT protocols and providers are supported within TaskMaster giving you the choice of using the most appropriate sensors for your deployment.

Analytics and Insights

Our analytics and business insights application helps deliver powerful insights generated from your field-based workforce. Report on SLA’s, dashboards and data to develop a clearer understanding of your organisations’ needs and those of your customers. This valuable information will help you to make better, informed decisions, ultimately improving the customer experience and identify where efficiencies can be made.

Customer Engagement

Providing a high level of customer engagement is vital for receiving valuable feedback and ensuring a high standard of service delivery. Customers can benefit from TaskMaster’s fully configurable messaging ability to receive live status updates ultimately improving visibility and communication between the customer and your workforce.


Office based teams who are undertaking the planning, scheduling and supervision of workforce activities have access to real time management dashboards/ web console which allows them to access the appropriate tool sets to manage their mobile workforce and their jobs efficiently and effectively. Receive key status information with full visibility of the current status, work completed, time taken, data captured, signatures and images; all logged and clearly displayed for effective management.

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Sectors We Serve

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management companies are coming under continued pressure to ‘deliver more for less’ and with the introduction of the living wage, challenging times are ahead.

TBS have been revolutionising facilities management, from cleaning to mechanical and electrical services, integrating TaskMaster with the Internet of Things (IoT) configured with rules-based algorithms, delivering on-demand and condition-based services.


The transport industry is under great pressure to deliver a quality, cost effective service in what are difficult times. Not only this, there is an expectation for businesses to do more to encourage growth and deliver results.

With more and more people using public transport and customers expecting higher levels of service, companies are being challenged to adapt whilst delivering business growth.

The TaskMaster Platform is developed to create innovative and effective solutions for the Transport industry. The passenger rail, bus and air transportation sectors have recognised the benefits of the right technologies to improve their operational process and customer journey management.



TaskMaster is successfully utilised within fleet management, automotive and logistics to effectively plan, coordinate and manage the activities of the workforce.

Whether it is automotive collection, appraisal and delivery through to the complex world of cash movement / audit, TaskMaster is relied upon by a Workforce of thousands in the Automotive, Cash Collecting/Security and Haulage businesses. The ability to GPS track and monitor progress, photo and video capture, mandate workflow to ensure compliance and date/time/location stamp each activity is key to a comprehensive mobile logistics solution.

How IoT can transform your organisation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a transformative imperative for businesses and is disrupting what are seen as traditional people centric processes. So, what is the Internet of Things and how could it transform your business?


In this eBook, we will explore how IoT can be utilised to better manage workforce efficiency as well as exploring the IoT foundations in place within TBS’s connected mobile solutions.

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Learn how Mitie are delivering outsourced print and mail services within a digital world with TBS


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