Improving Workforce Management Through IoT

At TBS, we provide a workforce management solution built using a platform that is adaptable and scalable to a business’ needs. It focuses on improving all aspects of a worker’s role through mobile working, IoT and scheduling. IoT is an exciting area that is providing transformational ways of working, but how exactly does it improve workforce management? In this blog, we’ll take a detailed look at both IoT and workforce management, before exploring how their connectedness can benefit the workforce.


What is IoT?

According to IoT for All: “the Internet of Things, or “IoT” for short, is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes and environments. Those “connected” things are used to gather information, send information back, or both.”

But in its simplest form it is, “the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet.” (Forbes)

IoT offers a unique opportunity to strategically utilise the internet to improve our lives, you may already have connected appliances at home that trigger certain actions, such as turning the thermostat up or down once it reaches a certain level. Applying this logic to the workforce is the next step. IoT utilises sensors to monitor a wide range of events, absorbing data like temperature, movement and moisture, to name a few possibilities. Organisations can use this data to ensure that their workforce are doing the tasks that need to be completed when they need to be done.


What is Workforce Management?

Mobile working describes those who are largely based in the field, their work could be anything from cleaning, to housing repairs or a community nurse. They find themselves dealing with multiple jobs or visits throughout the day and each contains a lot of information and administration to be completed and uploaded. This is often a manual process, resulting in physical paper records that have to be taken to and from the office, and hand written notes that can result in human error.

However, workforce management presents a digital solution that allows employees to access and input information, collaborate on projects, and stay in contact with colleagues, all via one mobile device, wherever they may be. Utilising a mobile application to access information about their daily schedule and record information improves compliance and consistency, allowing them to focus on the task at hand rather than filling out paperwork or having to return to the office to re-type notes.


What is the Value of Connectedness?

How can workforce management be enhanced to provide a more connected service for both employees and the customer? The answer is IoT, by utilising a platform that connects with sensors to detect and monitor events and translate the data into valuable insights and required actions, the workforce gains greater visibility. Take for example a cleaning scenario for a facilities management company based within an office block, with Wi-Fi enabled sensors placed on each floor, specific meeting rooms and bathrooms, they monitor footfall so that when one of the meeting rooms is in use, it triggers a job to be created for someone to clean and service the room.

Within the bathroom, sensors within the bin can detect when it is too full, or a sensor can detect when too much moisture is in the air, indicating a possible leak. These sensors can ensure that workforce time is used effectively, that their time is spent doing tasks that actually need to be completed. The data gathered can be used to make informed business decisions, how many staff are needed in particular areas, ensuring efficient deployment of staff and increasing capacity for all.

Together, IoT and workforce management provides the opportunity for a level of visibility that connects data and people together to ensure effective deployment of staff and improved service delivery for all.

Every business is unique, with its own challenges but IoT offers the flexibility to develop a solution that resolves your specific requirements. IoT will continue to grow and transform how we work; now is the time to implement an IoT strategy alongside workforce management. Chat to our team today to kickstart your digital transformation.

Totalmobile Announces Strategic Acquisition of TBS

Leading Field Service Management Software Company Totalmobile Announces Strategic Acquisition of TBS to Strengthen Market Share and Product Capability

5th February 2019 – Belfast-based Totalmobile, a leading innovator in Field Service Management (FSM) and Mobile Workforce Software Solutions, has today announced the strategic acquisition of Technological Business Solutions (TBS), which will add significant scale, new market verticals and new and improved products into the Totalmobile Group.

Following a transformational year in 2018 (which saw revenues grow in excess of 20%, software sales increase by over 30% year on year and the company return to profitability following its transition to a software as a service (SaaS) business model), Totalmobile has acquired 100% of Derby-based TBS – a FSM specialist similar to Totalmobile but with significant reach in the Facilities Management Industry and strong IoT capability.

TBS’ FSM and IoT technology is deployed in some of the UK’s largest and most complex organisations and will complement Totalmobile’s core proposition whilst adding a commercially proven range of IoT software solutions to the Group’s product suite. This will enable customers to minimise the reliance on paperwork and help workforces deliver better services to end-users, whilst ensuring compliance assurance and visibility.

The new Totalmobile Group will service some 250 organisations across a broad range of sectors including Healthcare, Utilities, Construction/Infrastructure, Local Government and Facilities Management.  The Group’s comprehensive suite of digital, mobile software solutions will enable organisations to leverage operational and financial benefits by enhancing mobile worker capacity, delivering operational cost reductions, improving the consistency of customer service, and enhancing compliance assurance and reporting.  

This exciting acquisition for the Totalmobile Group (which remains strongly backed and supported by leading technology-private equity firm Horizon Capital), come on the back of the recently signed strategic partnership between Servelec and Totalmobile, and the recent news of Totalmobile’s investment in a new Infrastructure Division.  Servelec, the UK’s leading provider of health and social care software will work strategically with Totalmobile to enable the delivery of mobile workforce efficiencies into their extensive health-sector customer base, whilst the new Infrastructure Division will focus on deploying Totalmobile’s Mobilise, Optimise and Analyse products (and now TBS’ IoT capability) into the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors.

In the expanded Totalmobile Group, Jon Poynton of TBS will join the Group Management Board as MD TBS, and will be supported by Steve Reynolds, his co-founder.  

Mark Rogerson, Executive Chair of Totalmobile Group comments: “Over the past few years, Totalmobile has emerged as one of Europe’s leading Field Service Management software organisations.  We have focused on developing the best FSM technologies wrapped with unrivalled customer service and data analytics.  With our transition to a SaaS-based delivery model nearing completion, we have listened carefully to our customers and the acquisitions of TBS represents our intent to build on our success by adding new solutions across a variety of market sectors where mobile working adoption and benefits realisation is high.  Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, the whole of the Totalmobile Team and I look forward to working closely with Steve and Jon and their teams to deliver transformational outcomes for our customers in this fast-growing and exciting Sector.”

TBS Announce Partnership with CogniPoint™ by PointGrab

TBS, the digital transformation and workforce management experts, has announced it is an official channel partner of CogniPointTM, the sensing technology created by Israel-based PointGrab.

CogniPointTM is a sensor which provides, in real time, building footfall, occupancy and dwell time, driving actionable insights around occupant behaviour and how and when workspace is being used.

This in turn can be used in building/asset management and helps implement efficiencies and optimise the use of space. By using CogniPointTM and Technology developed by Pointgrab, customers can save up to 30% of their workspace and rent expenses.

CogniPoint is easily installed and can be operated and managed through TaskMaster, TBS’s adaptive workforce management platform providing actionable insight the data gathered by the sensors, including presence, people count and locations, is sent data back into TaskMaster, allowing users to monitor and control space. 

PointGrab’s technology makes it easy for workers to share and find workspace and colleagues, fostering greater collaboration and productivity. CogniPointTM also allows users to optimize allocation of physical resources such as workstations, meeting rooms, lighting, HVAC and more, leading to significant cost-savings and improved efficiency.

Each sensor can cover up to 48 sqm, and can also monitor and report on individual spaces within its overall designed area, such as where hotdesking is used. Multiple sensors can also stitch together data to cover wider areas.

Steve Reynolds, TBS Managing Director, said: “The integration of CogniPointTM into our TaskMaster platform is a perfect and complimentary fit with our strategic direction in providing our customers access to business insights on how workplaces, shops public buildings etc. are being utilised.  We are delighted to be an official channel partner for PointGrab.”

“We are excited to partner with TBS and offer together an advanced solution to their extensive customer base in the UK. The joint offering will enable a solution to current pressing Real Estate issues such as poor space utilization, to bring a more productive work environments. The need for such workspace management tools has never been so urgent,” said, Doron Shachar, CEO of PointGrab Ltd. 

About TBS

Formed in 1994, Technological Business Solutions Ltd (TBS) specialise in the delivery of digital workforce management solutions built using its own TaskMaster Platform.

With over 24 years’ experience in developing software, TBS has become the world class partner of choice for many businesses embarking on their enterprise wide digital workforce management strategy.

About PointGrab Inc.Ltd.

Leveraging its ground-breaking sensing technology, PointGrab is pioneering the next generation of office workspace optimization solutions. Its flagship product, CogniPointTM, is a highly advanced facility management sensing solution which provides insight into occupant behaviour and space utilization, while ensuring individual privacy. PointGrab is taking the lead in this space and collaborates with many partners in the facility management and building ecosystems to deliver flexible and efficient solutions that improve commercial real estate business performance. PointGrab’s headquarters is located outside Tel-Aviv, Israel. More information is available at; follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

SmarTalk – September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 edition of TBS SmarTalk. In this edition we explore how voice-driven technology is driving business through the latest frontier, we talk about how we teamed up with Shell UK to create a solution to digitise its existing platform inspection regime, and read the latest news on our ground breaking soil moisture testing solution.

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TBS rolls out in UAE and Qatar

We have successfully delivered our first solution for Interserve International into the Middle East. The rollout of the TaskMaster solution has so far been in the UAE and Qatar, both new markets for TBS. 

It allows over 125 Interserve technicians to perform planned and reactive maintenance for their Alshaya contract. Alshaya franchise nearly 90 of the world’s best known retail brands, including Debenhams, Boots and Starbucks, and have 700 stores in UAE and 300 stores in Qatar. 

TBS has integrated with the FSI Concept Evolution CAFM solution to deliver the full mobile solution for Interserve International. The solution allows for the following:

  • Interserve staff training on TaskMaster
    Interserve staff training on TaskMaster

    Jobs generated in Concept Evolution and assigned to technicians which are then are received onto the technicians TaskMaster application, with status updates and data collected being fed into Concept Evolution as the job is progressed.

  • The technician can go through their tasks, add parts used on the job, add assets and record further work required.
  • The customer can view a summary of the work completed and add their comments and service rating before signing off the work.
  • Planners can view their technicians real time locations using the Management Console web applications.

FM focus: Technology is the saviour of post-Brexit Britain

TBS Managing Director Steve Reynolds says companies must embrace the new digital landscape…

It’s been a decade since the global recession and those that survived came out of it leaner and sharper. Yet we are again plunged into a time of uncertainty, a time where businesses are reporting a large increase in people costs.

Facility Management companies are being challenged by shorter contracts, tighter margins and an increasing cost base driven by Brexit, living wage increases, pension reform, the apprentice levy and future foreign labour restrictions.

At the same time they must improve process compliance, productivity and efficiency of the workforce, whilst reducing operational costs and providing transparency to customers who want the confidence that that services are being delivered to the highest standard; helping to differentiate on the quality of the service rather than lowest cost.


When looking at how to meet those challenges, simply changing their processes is no more effective than re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. For Carillion is was too late, but it need not be for everyone.

FM companies must though embrace technology and take advantage of the huge advances that can help them save money and improve efficiencies.

At a business I visited recently, they were still operating the same people-centred system as they were 20 years ago. With their sector in financial crisis, they are facing huge challenges, but this is where technology can be an enabler.

The Carillion collapse has served as a wake-up call to businesses which understand that simplytweaking their processes won’t work, and thatsomething more radical and innovative is needed.

‘Business as usual’ to ‘Innovation as usual’

We at TBS are constantly assessing enabling technologies, exploring the positive impact they can have on our customers, and assembling these component parts in a unique way, while focussing on the workforce needs and delivering transformational change that adds real value andcost savings to businesses; thus turning ‘business asusual’ into ‘innovation as usual’.

SmarTalk – June 2018

Welcome to the June 2018 edition of TBS SmarTalk. In This Edition:

  • Facilities Management – we focus on how companies must react  to Brexit and the changes that are coming to the industry
  • Case study – TBS teams up with Mitie and Samsung to deliver FM solutions
  • Our new 3-step  Advice Line
  • TBS rolls out in the Middle East

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SmarTalk – Keeping You Connected

Welcome to Smartalk, the latest newsletter from TBS that keeps you connected.

This month we concentrate on the transformational effect data can have on business.

Outlining 10 elements of our online Management Console tool, that supports and visualises real-time data, we highlight the power that data and Management Console will have on your business to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Enhance employee and customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive advantage.

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SmarTalk – Keeping You Connected

Welcome to Smartalk; the latest newsletter from TBS that keeps you connected. This month, we focus on some of the pressing questions relating to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With the imminent arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation, and the penalties incumbent, we were alarmed to see that 61% of organisations, polled by NTT Security, did not know that the GDPR applied to them. Therefore, in this issue, we have focused our attention on the new regulations to provide you with an overview of the new legal framework for data privacy.

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SmarTalk – Keeping You Connected

Welcome to Smartalk, the latest newsletter from TBS that keeps you connected. Each month we will bring you the recent updates from TBS and explore the digital technologies that will shape the business of the future. This month we focus on public services, specifically:

  • Healthcare; and
  • Transport

As consumer-based services, it is exciting to see how digital technologies will be used to enhance our experience and improve overall efficiencies. Over the last few months, TBS have been greatly involved with public services; showcasing leading innovations in healthcare technology at iLINKS Innovations, and running Innovation Workshops with leading providers in the transport industry.

In this issue, we will show you how digital enabling technologies are driving transformational change for healthcare and transport services.

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