How technology is an enabler to reducing stress and assisting mental health in the workplace

How technology is an enabler to reducing stress and assisting mental health in the workplace

According to the BBC, in any one year, over one in four people in the general population and one in six workers is likely to be suffering from a mental health condition. That is equivalent to 5 million workers who could be affected by mental health issues.

Earlier this year, a government commissioned review by Deloitte suggested that 15% of the population are facing a productivity problem due to mental health illness in the workplace. The report emphasises the need for businesses to rise to the challenge and make health and wellbeing a priority.  Additionally, government report Thriving at work, the independent review of mental health and employers; has reportedthat 300,000 people with a long-term mental health problem lose their job each year.

The National Institute of Mental Health has stated they believe technology has a part to play in reducing stress amongst employees and in particular by introducing mobile working technology to reduce manual processes.

Today, organisations have a duty of care to provide support for their employees for mental health issues in the workplace. So, what can organisations do to help increase awareness of mental health issues and ensure a positive impact on their workforce? Businesses can introduce wellbeing procedures such as developing mental health awareness amongst employees, providing employees with good working conditions including everything they need to complete their job and routinely monitor employee mental health and wellbeing.

Mobile working and productivity

It is no surprise in today’s world that the introduction of technology to modernise, innovate and empower has had a significant impact on businesses workforce’s today. Technology can certainly play a significant part in removing unnecessary stress from an employees’ job function. By equipping your workforce with the tools they need to complete their job as effectively as possible and replacing traditional processes, you can empower and inform your employees leading to a reduction unnecessary stress. 

According to The National Institute of Mental Health, technology has opened a new frontier in mental health support. The use of mobile applications, smart devices and sensor technology is transforming the way organisations and their staff access and record information, communicate with customers, monitor progress and effectively carry out their everyday role.

The BBC reported  the implementation of technology has seen a significant improvement in the wellbeing of employees who have experienced mental health issues with employees reporting working in a stress-free environment has had a positive outcome on their day to day role. It was suggested that investing in new tools to carry out routine work reduces manual, time consuming tasks and allows staff to record accurate information at the point of service. Furthermore, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Emma Mamo commented, “By looking after mental wellbeing, staff morale, loyalty, innovation, productivity and profits will rise.” This suggests innovation in technology and the implementation of such solutions in the workplace can have a positive impact on today’s workforce which helps reduce stress and encourages an easier way of working.

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