Facilities Management

TBS Enterprise Mobility provides integrated mobile workforce management solutions which enable organisations to wirelessly communicate information with their fieldworkers. Its TaskMaster range of solutions are relied upon by thousands of fieldworkers in EMEA and North America.

Facilities Management companies are under continual pressure to deliver “more for less” in a highly competitive and challenging market and critically to differentiate from their competition.

With the advancement of enabling technologies such as IoT and AI, and TBS’ drive for continuous innovation, help is at hand for facilities management companies to improve their processes while creating a more efficient environment, thereby maximising their investment.

Using its multi-faceted, integrated platform TaskMaster, TBS creates a solution to your specific needs with no compromise, including:

Managing and empowering the workforce across the business, from cleaners to engineers.
Using IoT to deliver on-demand or on-conditions services such as ‘smart’ rooms which tell you when they need cleaning, saving hours of unnecessary cleaning time.

Automated management reports, audit, notifications, or real-time performance dashboards – we provide you with the data you need, how you want it.

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Facilities Management