Futurescape: Today into Tomorrow

TBS are pleased to have supported Samsung at their latest Futurescape event, Today into Tomorrow. Held in London, Futurescape provided industry leaders with a glimpse into their future.

TBS exhibited across multiple experiential zones, demonstrating how businesses could adopt enabling digital technologies to transform their businesses.

TBS showcased a range of technologies, within the Wasted Time into Working Time Zone, including Mobile, Wearable, IoT, Voice Recognition and Chat Bots. Unsurprisingly, it was Chat Bots that got everyone chatting at the event; with industry leaders looking at ways they could harness Artificial Intelligence, both internally and in customer-facing situations.

The TBS Chat Bot demonstrated how Chat Bots could be combined with user friendly Mobile Messaging Apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp or just simple text messaging. These intuitive AI services can be employed to automate customer self-service; from raising a job ticket where the Chat Bot guides the user through the process with natural language responses to complex interactions such as booking meeting rooms. Easy to set up and deploy, with a simple text or voice interface, Chat Bots can be used to:

o Save businesses time and money – with no requirement for user training

o Improve operational efficiencies – with no human interaction required

o Increase sales and improve customer experience

Additionally, TBS exhibited in the Healthcare Zone, demonstrating how healthcare agencies could adopt enabling digital technologies to transform independent living. By deploying wirelessly connected sensors throughout the homes of the elderly, and connecting sensors to physical assets, such as kettles and keys, TBS demonstrated how stakeholders can be empowered to monitor and observe the elderly within their home, remotely and in real time. Using the data that is fed back from a range of sensors, including movement, temperature and presence, a profile can be created of the elderly person which is based upon their day-to-day routine. Rules can then be defined, which are built around these daily activities, and notifications sent out to the stakeholder’s mobile device once the elderly person has carried out set activities. Additional rules can be established, should the elderly person not perform the defined activity, so that a notification can be sent to the stakeholder’s mobile device, alerting them to a change in routine, and hence, highlighting a potential problem.

Encouragingly for all, smart technology is helping facilitate the challenges innate to an ageing population by:

o Enabling the elderly and vulnerable to live independently for longer

o Guaranteeing peace of mind for primary stakeholders; if there is a problem, an alert is raised

o Providing stakeholders with relevant information to make informed decisions

o Reducing the pressure faced by healthcare providers by keeping the elderly in their homes.

Throughout Futurescape, it was clear that the ‘new normal’ is anything but normal, as it allows businesses to challenge the status quo. TBS have consistently challenged businesses to put their imagination to the test. Running Digital Transformation Workshops with key industry figures, TBS have helped businesses understand the true potential of technology and discover new opportunities.

If you would like to find out more information on our Innovation Workshops, or are keen to discover how Chat Bot services could transform your business, or would like more information on how IoT can transform your services, please email rebecca.evans@tbsmobility.com