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Innovative Mobile, Scheduling and IoT capabilities that transform service delivery

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TaskMaster is a multi-faceted Workforce Management Platform and the foundation on which to build business solutions across multiple sectors – delivering visibility, flexibility and compliance. TaskMaster’s modules cater for all solution stakeholders. These include apps for the mobile workforce; job planning, scheduling and dashboards for the management; comprehensive reports and notifications for the customer and administrative toolsets for the IT team.

Built comprising independent modules for you to pick and choose from depending on your exact need, its powerful features and flexibility will enable you to deploy digital workforce management into all areas of your business, quickly and effectively.


Through the TaskMaster mobile app, mobile workers can access key information and workflows available on any mobile device – including wearables. This provides users with instant access to their job calendar, customer information and the ability to update their progress status. With everything to hand at the point of service, mobile workers can benefit from a reduction in paper-based processes as well as reduce travel back and forth to the office.



Office based teams who are undertaking the planning, scheduling and supervision of workforce activities have access to real time management dashboards/ web console which allows them to access the appropriate tool sets to manage their mobile workforce and their jobs efficiently and effectively.

End customer

The most important stakeholder of them all. Whether an internal department or an external customer, TaskMaster allows for the key information capture and status updates to be conveyed in an appropriate format, i.e. signature capture, printed or emailed report, text message updates or real-time performance dashboards.

End customer
Back office systems

Back office systems

TaskMaster will integrate with your existing critical systems to effectively run the business functions, for example HR and Payroll are easily interfaced with TaskMaster and will share the relevant data. Additional cloud data stores can be facilitated to collect new data and allow dashboards and reports to be easily created.

Innovative IoT technology devices

TaskMaster’s powerful features and flexibility enable you to deploy IoT technologies, including connected sensors and rules engines that enable the creation of work to be automated and assigned, without the need for human intervention.

Monitor equipment, environments and events and maximise the situational awareness of your organisation.


Innovative IoT technology devices

Key Capabilities

TaskMaster is a multi-faceted Enterprise Mobility Platform and the foundation on which to build business solutions across multiple sectors, delivering visibility, flexibility and compliance to the process stakeholders.

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Empower your planners and supervisors with a manual or dynamic scheduling and route optimisation toolset to facilitate real-time planning of appointments and optimisation of routes. This allows for the efficient and effective utilisation of the workforce with full visibility of progress.


Implement Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to identify events and aggregate and analyse this data feed into the rules engine and the report module to drive tasks, alerts and notifications. All the main IoT protocols and providers are supported within TaskMaster giving you the choice of using the most appropriate sensors for your deployment.

Analytics & Insights

Our analytics and business insights application helps deliver powerful insights generated from your field-based workforce. Report on SLA’s, dashboards and data to develop a clearer understanding of your organisations’ needs and those of your customers. This valuable information will help you to make better, informed decisions, ultimately improving the customer experience and identify where efficiencies can be made.

Customer Engagement

Providing a high level of customer engagement is vital for receiving valuable feedback and ensuring a high standard of service delivery. Customers can benefit from TaskMaster’s fully configurable messaging ability to receive live status updates ultimately improving visibility and communication between the customer and your workforce.


Office based teams who are undertaking the planning, scheduling and supervision of workforce activities have access to real time management dashboards/ web console which allows them to access the appropriate tool sets to manage their mobile workforce and their jobs efficiently and effectively. Receive key status information with full visibility of the current status, work completed, time taken, data captured, signatures and images; all logged and clearly displayed for effective management.

How IoT can transform your organisation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a transformative imperative for businesses and is disrupting what are seen as traditional people centric processes. So, what is the Internet of Things and how could it transform your business?


In this eBook, we will explore how IoT can be utilised to better manage workforce efficiency as well as exploring the IoT foundations in place within TBS’s connected mobile solutions.

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TBS, Mitie and Samsung

Learn how Mitie are delivering outsourced print and mail services within a digital world with TBS

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Learn how TBS can drive innovation within your organisation

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