Embracing new technologies is the only way to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

With a huge array of emerging technologies using IoT, AI and mobile, TBS helps choose the right route for you to improve passenger experience and journey times, keep services running smoothly and ensure your employees are productive, engaged and empowered.


The transport industry is under great pressure to deliver a quality, cost effective service in what are difficult times. Not only this, there is an expectation for businesses to do more to encourage growth and deliver results. 

With more and more people using public transport and customer expectation levels higher than ever, companies are juggling how to provide while delivering business growth.  

According to Gartner, transportation CIOs are stepping up to take the lead in innovation. With an internal focus on digital transformation, their top three objectives are: 

  • More revenue from better operations 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Engaging and empowering employees

Enabling technologies from cloud services, allowing for huge amounts of data to be stored, to integrated business processes right through to frontline staff being empowered by using mobile devices or wearables to receive, log and report tasks, driving asset data from the field back into the business to provide actionable insights; businesses are benefiting, growing and becoming more efficient through disruptive technology.